Burgas – Nesebar – Bqla – Varna (Dolpinarium)

  • Nessebar is located on a small island that e tied to the mainland by the Isthmus.

400 m long Nessebar is one of the oldest cities in Europe and the richest in architectural monuments from the Middle Ages in Bulgaria.It is the successor of the ancient Thracian settlement Menebria, founded in the second millennium BC. Later, in early VI century BC, became a Greek colony (Messembria) and an important commercial center.
In 71 BC, Messembria falls under the authority of the Roman Empire, but remained relatively independent, such as the right to mint its own coins. After the collapse of the Roman Empire, Byzantine fortress town of considerable importance, while not being conquered by Khan Krum in 812 d after 2 weeks of siege.
In 1956. town was proclaimed an architectural and archaeological reserve. The remains of the ancient city wall with a gate dating from III-IV century, the churches from V-VI century and later, from the medieval period (X-XIV century), which are fine works of medieval Bulgarian and Byzantine architecture and about 60 houses, giving a unique appearance and atmosphere of the city. Old part of town
Nessebar is a cultural monument by the UNESCO World Heritage







  • Byala is a small town and seaside resort in Eastern Bulgaria, located on the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast in Varna Province.


The town is less developed compared to other tourist areas. The local government supports a few environmental and tourism projects. Byala’s port is currently under reconstruction and is planned to become a yacht marina. There has been much new residential building undertaken between 2003 and 2006 due to perceived higher interest from foreign (particularly Danish and Dutch) investors and tourists.

In December 2007, plans were announced for a carbon-neutral resort at Karadere beach, some 3 km north of Byala, Norman Foster’s first project in Bulgaria. A series of car free hill towns in a setting of oak forests, meadows and river gorges, Black Sea Gardens will create a year-round community for up to 15,400 residents.[2]

Local groups oppose the project. They say it will turn Karadere beach into a 6-star closed resort complex. The territory is extremely important from an ecological standpoint being part of the Natura 2000 protected zones network and also vital part of bio-diversity zones in Via Pontica for preservation of the habitats of birds.

Due to the wilderness of the territory and lack of any infrastructure, the project needs huge investments and after assessment of these or maybe other reasons, the original investor has backed off (July 2008).

The Bulgarian government’s failure to enact regulations outlawing extensive developments in such protected areas may have encouraged the project—even more as Norman Foster’s consulting architects company “Projects Ltd.” is owned and run by the brother of the Bulgarian Prime Minister.





  • Festa Dolphinarium is the only attraction of its kind in Bulgaria.


It is situated amidst the greenery of the Seaside Garden of Varna and offers a wonderful view over the sea.
The Dolphinarium was inaugurated on 11.08.1984 and quickly became a symbol of Varna and a landmark of Bulgarian tourism. The Dolphinarium is a permanent site on the agenda of all visitors of the Black Sea coast.

The building impresses with its futuristic structure and glass-and-aluminum front wall. The Dolphinarium building was designed by a team led by renowned architect Simeon Saraliev. The building itself is a light spatial structure shaped as a glass cube of walls 30 meters long and 14 meters high. Interesting is the fact that the earthworks at installation floor and pools were done after the bearing roof structure had been mounted.










  • Car 4 + 1 – up to 4 people – 120 
  • Car 6 + 1 – up to 6 people – 140 
  • The price includes only transport
  • All entrance fees, if any, are paid additionally

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